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Technical translations

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Technical translation and interpretation – for understanding without any borders

Anglosphere provides technical translation and interpretation services in Moscow and beyond. We offer the most expedited delivery times for projects large and small. We are committed to ensuring high quality, prompt delivery, and optimized rates on all our technical translation projects.

Requirements and standards for technical translations

As a rule of thumb for providers of this service, technical translations are subject to a range of requirements, including:

  • • adherence to the language style appropriate for academic and business writing
  • • high accuracy and precision
  • • compliance with regulatory quality standards and any others applicable

Practicing a personalized approach to each customer is one of our most fundamental guiding principles.

We provide translations of technical documents, texts, academic articles and other materials (while ensuring accurate translation of specialist terms and abbreviations, measurement units, spreadsheets, charts, diagrams, flow charts, etc.), as well as technical interpretation support for meetings and other events.

In technical areas, we offer both translation and interpretation services. Technical translation services are usually required for a variety of technical documents, where precise wording and accuracy with respect to terms and features are crucial. Interpretation is more commonly used to support communication at formal occasions.

For a broad range of your technical translation needs, such as consecutive interpretation support at the start-up of industrial equipment on site, we are ready to provide a qualified interpreter with expertise in your required field and appropriate language skills. Our team is available to provide technical interpretation support for the following tasks on location in Moscow:

  • • negotiations
  • • business meetings
  • • consulting appointments with international experts

Our Advantages

English-to-Russian and Russian-to-English technical translations are one of our strongest competence areas. In any business environment, English is widely recognized as the official language of communication, often selected as the working language for negotiations, conferences, and major meetings related to the oil and gas, mechanical engineering, telecommunications, chemical, metallurgical, IT, and other industries. Our translators are university graduates with degrees in linguistics, expert proficiency in multiple languages, and competence in respective technical fields. Whatever the subject area and complexity level of a translation project, we get our job done with confidence.

Our company has an extensive record of English-to-Russian and Russian-to-English translations, as well as numerous translation projects involving Italian, Chinese, German, French, and other languages.

Anglosphere translation company maintains affordable rates and, at an extra cost, offers expedited project delivery without compromising on quality. Our team is always there to process your orders for document translation to virtually any of the world’s languages.

Please contact us at the phone numbers provided on our website or send your inquiries via e-mail.
We value our every customer!

> Translations for the Automotive Industry