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Translations in the Economics Field


Translations in the economics and financial field are one of the most demanded services in the business environment, where a competently made translation often proves the only way to ensure reliable financial data exchange between parties.

For translations in the economics field, compliance with international financial reporting and accounting standards is one of the top requirements. Consequently, this implies a high level of accuracy, as well, with specialist terms and notions rendered “to the letter.”

Our team includes translators with vast expertise in every area of economics, and we will always find someone qualified to attend to a project in almost any of the world’s languages.

In the economics field, we offer translation services for the following types of materials:

  1. texts and terms related to economics
  2. documents related to economics
  3. financial translation services
  4. documents related to accounting and enterprise audit, such as bills, invoices, annual reports, consignments, profit and loss statements, internal and external audit reports, balance sheets, and more
  5. documents related to the economics field, such as business plans, reports on macro- and microeconomics, feasibility studies, statistical data, and more
  6. documents related to banking, such as credit agreements, account statements, letters of credit, payment orders, loan agreements, loan applications, contracts, mortgage-related documents, lease agreements, deeds, bidding documents, and more
  7. financial documents, including tax reports, financial analytical reports, documents related to stock-exchange operations, accompanying documents for transactions with securities and foreign currency, and more
  8. documents related to insurance, such as claim reports, insurance agreements, indemnity insurances, insurance policies, insurance certificates, slips, notices of insurance, announcements, etc.
  9. marketing reports and studies
  10. accompanying documents, such as certificates of origin, customs declarations, certificates of compliance, invoices, agreements, licenses, bills of lading, shipping agreements, approvals, etc.

Our customers include banks, financial organizations, insurance companies, audit firms and consulting companies, law firms, and many others.

For translations in the economics field, provided in Moscow, we only engage translators with at least a bachelor’s degree in economics or extensive professional experience in the field, which are a definite prerequisite for such a translation to be performed adequately. We are aware of how much accuracy and quality mean for translations in this area as even one error may compromise the success of a meeting or negotiations, an agreement or a contract, as well as the meaning and significance of a document.

Translations in the field of economics are a high-responsibility task, which our team is capable of performing in a prompt and professional manner. The delivery time is set depending upon the size and complexity of the source material. To legal entities in particular, we will be able to offer flexible and cost-efficient terms of service.