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Translations for the Oil and Gas Industry


The oil and gas industry is one of the most complex areas for translators and interpreters to work with, due to its specialist terminology and large volumes of purely technical content on a variety of subjects, including oil and gas field exploration, oil refining, oil and gas equipment, the diverse subject matter of negotiations, insurance, and general issues of the oil and gas industry.

The oil and gas sector accounts for a tremendous share in Russia’s industry. As any other industry, it uses a multitude of highly specialist terms. Therefore, it is natural that we only delegate our projects for the oil and gas industry to translators with a technology major and work experience in oil production or related industries. Experience with general technical terminology often proves insufficient for providing adequate translation for the oil and gas industry. With regard to this, we apply a multiple-stage professional approach to our projects for the oil and gas industry .

Document translation services for the oil and gas industry are generally required by companies operating in the following areas:

  1. refining and production of oil and petrochemical products
  2. oil and gas field exploration and refining
  3. oil refinery construction
  4. oil and gas production and shipping
  5. pipeline construction, renovation, and export
  6. oil and gas equipment operation
  7. well drilling, injection, operation, and workovers
  8. production safety management
  9. elimination of equipment malfunctioning and criticality
  10. technical maintenance and production efficiency control
  11. oil & gas and petrochemical equipment supplies to the global market
  12. innovative technology implementation in oil production and equipment manufacturing

A qualified translator for the oil and gas industry with an extensive background both in linguistics and in the oil and gas industry itself is a highly valued professional. At our company, translation projects for the oil and gas industry are performed at the highest standards. Anglosphere translation company will impress you positively with its quality standards, delivery times, and rates for oil-and-gas-related translation services.