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Medical translations


Trust proven professionals in medical / pharmaceutical translations

Translations for the medical and pharmaceutical sectors are another priority area in which Anglosphere serves its customers based in Moscow as well as other locations in Russia and abroad. Both our management and our translators have extensive experience working with pharmaceutical industry leaders in Europe and the US.

Our accumulated experience in medical translations has included the following types of materials:

  • investigators’ brochures
  • study protocols
  • informed consent forms
  • drug master files/product files
  • drug trial data
  • clinical study paperwork
  • site master files for production facilities
  • validation master plans
  • quality manuals
  • medical equipment manuals
  • academic articles in the medical field

At Anglosphere, medical translations are performed by translators with broad expertise in the field

Anglosphere offers medical translations in Moscow, delivered by expert translators with proven records in their field. Our team members continuously upgrade their expertise in medical knowledge, keeping up to speed with new developments in the field. We ensure the high quality of medical translations, equally for Russian-to-English and English-to-Russian projects. In our daily practice, we frequently perform translations of medical texts, articles, documents, certificates, terms, therapeutic indications, and records, from Russian to many of the world’s languages and back, including German, Hebrew, Chinese, Italian, Spanish and French, as well as Asian, Middle Eastern and other languages.

For medical translation projects, we only engage highly qualified translators with a university degree in the medical field, a profound understanding of the subject in question, and the ability to deliver accurate translations of medical terms and abbreviations. In high-complexity projects, translators are provided with specialist glossaries before they begin working. The accuracy of a medical translation can be of critical significance, as it may have a direct impact on whether a drug is approved for registration or whether a facility succeeds in passing an audit.

Efficient communication and the ability to fully understand a customer’s requirements is the key to successful cooperation

Considering the nature and requirements of medical translations, we work in close cooperation with the customer for glossary approvals and always do our best to offer the most convenient timeframes possible. We are aware that, in their operations, major pharmaceutical companies depend on the timely filing of documents with regulatory authorities. As medical translations are at the top of responsibility and complexity levels, they should only be trusted to proven professionals. From our side, we guarantee the quality of every translation we deliver.
Our rates for medical translations in Moscow are defined by project size and required delivery time. For this type of projects, we offer a balanced price/quality/timeframe ratio. At our company, we ensure the confidentiality of all translation projects and optionally offer authentication by a notary upon request.