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Desktop Publishing


Turnkey desktop publishing services for professional layouts

In addition to expert translation and editing, Anglosphere translation company is also ready to provide desktop publishing services. Desktop publishing is generally required along with translation services when the source copy is only available in printed form or in a digital format where text is not editable.

Desktop publishing is indispensable, as well, in case of the following project requirements:

  1. applying specific formatting to the entire translation
  2. preserving original layouts containing images
  3. introducing alterations or additions to the original layout

Through the use of latest publishing and graphic design software, our desktop publishing department performs prompt and accurate formatting for projects ranging from text to complex technical drawings.

Anglosphere translation company is your choice for high-quality desktop publishing to go with expert translation services

At Anglosphere translation company, desktop publishing services are performed by highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in creating layouts for the following types of projects:

  1. technical drawing materials
  2. promotional catalogues and brochures
  3. technical documentation
  4. academic and fiction books

We deliver desktop publishing services with full adherence to a customer’s needs and requirements. Besides formatting features, the customer may also specify the software to be used for the task. To ensure the highest possible efficiency of our services, the customer will need to provide all the required data concerning their project’s fonts and graphics.

When you order the combined service of translation and desktop publishing, you benefit from maximum control over the project with a minimum of effort spent on arrangements. If you require a high-standard translation service with the end result delivered in a professional-looking layout, simply contact us at the phone numbers provided on this website.