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Translations in the Legal Field

Anglosphere provides expert translation services in the legal field with the speediest possible delivery and at affordable rates.
In particular, we offer professional English-to-Russian as well as Russian-to-English translation services for various kinds of agreements.

Moscow-based translation services in the legal field by Anglosphere translation company cover the following types of tasks:

  1. translation of legal acts and their drafts (considered the ultimate level of mastery in the legal translation domain, this task involves the accurate rendering of terms, abbreviations, etc.)
  2. translation of supporting documents such as licenses, certificates, authorizations, powers-of-attorney, memoranda, etc.
  3. translation of judicial documents, court rulings, and court decisions
  4. translation of incorporation documents
  5. translation of contracts and agreements
  6. translation of documents related to regulatory proceedings
  7. translation of documents related to customs procedures
  8. translation of bidding paperwork
  9. translator’s signature authentication by a notary
  10. translation of local-level legal documents
  11. translation of analytical studies
  12. translation of confidentiality documents
  13. translation of foreign legislation
  14. translation of graduation diplomas and graduating papers

We offer professional translation for legal documents of any complexity level, from Russian to English, German, French or any other language, ensuring high quality and prompt on-time delivery.

On our team we have highly qualified translators, each with specialist expertise in a distinct area of translations. We make frequent use of translation memory tools, helping to save your time and expenses. Upon request, for translations made by our team, we also offer authentication by a notary and/or certification with our company stamp.

Our team’s responsible attitude and professional expertise are the foundation of our customer service.